Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Does your team need to grow and become more cohesive?

With a proven track record of creating and growing successful teams, John will help your in-house talent thrive.

Effective executive teams are built around respecting and leveraging personality styles and learning positive leadership skills.

Take your team to the next level and watch your business accelerate.

Develop Diverse Teams
Improve Customer Experience
Foster Innovation
Boost Company Morale
Increase Job Performance
Evaluate Current Processes
Promote A Positive Culture

“Anyone can change the world: some of the largest, best companies and greatest new ideas come from young adults who are not afraid to see the world differently, take risks, work hard, and come up with new ways to improve the world.”

– John Shufeldt

How John Can Help You 

Develop And Manage Diverse Teams

Any organization needs a team of diverse individuals who bring unique skills to the table and work toward a common goal. By understanding different personalities, the team will learn to better interact with one another, harness individual strengths and  compensate for weaknesses. John’s experience creating strong teams will help your organization run more efficiently.

Increase Company Morale

Unhappy employees will negatively impact business efficiency and contribute high turnover rates. When employees feel respected, valued and empowered, they will often go the extra mile to ensure goals are met. From John’s experience, strong leaders are responsible for team morale and he will teach your leaders the skills needed to effectively create a positive work culture.

Foster Innovation

Employees who are invested in a company’s growth will contribute to long-term success. It is important that employees feel like their voices are heard and that they are empowered to innovate. John’s philosophy on fostering innovation will lead your organization to adapt to change positively.

Evaluate Current Processes

Properly evaluating and creating a plan to address process deficiencies is a necessary skill for dynamic leaders. If a leader is struggling to identify and fix broken systems, business growth will be hindered. John and his team of experts will help develop a plan to increase efficiency in your business.

What Makes John’s Coaching Unique

John’s multifaceted experience as a physician, attorney and entrepreneur gives him rare insight into what makes a physician-driven healthcare business succeed. 

Over the years, John has come to realize that successful businesses don’t just happen. They succeed as a result of strong leadership, learning from failures and a well-executed business plan. An efficient organization is built on lean practices, proactive teams, a positive work environment and a solid foundation for continued growth.

As a result of John’s roles as a founder and leader of healthcare startups, he is uniquely suited to help support other healthcare professionals as they embark on their entrepreneurial and personal journey. 

Whether you are a physician looking to expand your opportunities or a professional healthcare team needing to refine and scale your business, John has the experiences and tools to help take you and your organization to the next level.


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