Hospital Consulting

Hospital Consulting

Is your hospital ready to maximize growth, expand into new opportunities, or better automate your processes?

Our team specializes in increasing your bottom line by helping the hospital become more patient-centric through six-sigma lean principles.

Hospital consulting benefits your entire organization by creating a shared vision that improves leadership, accountability, productivity and profit.

Build a stronger and more profitable hospital today.

Types of Executive Hospital Consulting

Healthcare Leadership

Does your executive team need leadership coaching?

John will help your current leaders improve their skills, communication and devise a plan for personal growth.

Poor executive leadership can lead to high employee turnover, decreased efficiency and poor employee morale. 

Do not let ineffective leadership chip away at your business’ success.

Growth and Re-Design

Is it time to expand or re-design your hospital?

With a proven track record of  maximizing growth and modernizing current layouts, John will help your hospital thrive.

Your medical center could be missing out on opportunities such as outpatient clinics, urgent care centers and updated EDs.

Take your hospital to the next level by implementing a patient-centric expansion.


Is your hospital operating at peak efficiency?

Over his 30+ years of medical experience, John has developed streamlined business processes that start with a patient-centric focus.

Creating a lean hospital will not only increase profitability, but patient satisfaction and employee retention as well.

Learn Six Sigma processes from John to revamp your hospital.

“Failing fast means you are growing quickly. All successful people were failures along their journey- the only difference is they learned and persevered.

– John Shufeldt

What Makes John’s Coaching Unique

John’s multifaceted experience as a physician, attorney and entrepreneur gives him rare insight into what makes a physician-driven healthcare business succeed. 

Over the years, John has come to realize that successful businesses don’t just happen. They succeed as a result of strong leadership, learning from failures and a well-executed business plan. An efficient organization is built on lean practices, proactive teams, a positive work environment and a solid foundation for continued growth.

Whether you are a physician looking to expand your opportunities or a professional healthcare team needing to refine and scale your business, John has the experiences and tools to help take you and your organization to the next level.


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