A Recipe for Personal Achievement

Description: Outlier- An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.

This quintessential handbook exposes the x-factor in these extraordinary individuals we call “outliers”.

There is an abundance of humor and enlightenment in the 16-chapter, 169-page non-fiction book. Chapter topics include: humility, failure, persistence, preparation, communication, imperturbability, tolerating risk, kindness, learning, optimism, perspective, indefatigability, efficiency, integrity, intuition, being one-of-a-kind.

Readers will be inspired to push past their own personal obstacles to live out their greatest future possible. The book features stories of great outliers from the past, in addition to narratives of the accomplishments of everyday people. These is true and little-known tales demonstrate the power of the Ingredients of Outliers.

Practicing the 16 identified traits is sure to lead you on the journey to both innovate and mentor,  leaving your biggest positive impact on the world. 


This book is an easy read, mostly because the personal testimonials and the real life stories are fascinating nuggets that you not only can relate to, but take you by surprise and keep you engaged. Additionally, I love the simple quotes and pearls of wisdom throughout the book that the author, John Shufeldt includes.. Many of them, I have written down to keep close at hand when I need a little boost or reminder for myself. “Food For Thought” and “In Other Words” at the end of each chapter are helpful summaries of life’s most important examples and lessons to reflect on knowing the adversities and overcome struggles that led to the incredible successes of the person featured in that chapter. What a great foundation of hope to build upon!. If you have the “Outlier” book you have practical tools now to make your own “Outlier” success story and for that, I am truly grateful.

Mary F. Vallelonga

I looked forward each night when I could sit down to read… it is so uplifting. So hard to put down.

Amazon Customer

This book speaks to those of us who have always felt apart from the norm, and to those who want to be all they can be. Statistically Outliers are separate from the majority and author John Shufeldt MD winningly demonstrates qualities (with anecdotes) that will help each to rise above–and beyond– the ordinary pack. A quick read and useful to be kept for refresher re-reading

Mallory A. Haws

This motivational–and enjoyable– book has it all! From the practical (“your guts don’t lie”) to the inspirational (“become one of a kind”), and much more, Dr. John Shufeldt has written a guide that will strike a positive chord in everyone.

Gary V. Johnson

I found John Shufeldt’s viewpoint on success refreshing. Dr. Shufeldt does not toot his own horn despite all that he has accomplished. This book is a must read for people that need inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Andrea Lynch

Amid the real life stories of adventure and misadventure are the secrets to a fulfilled life. John’s humor and warmth make this book so readable and fun that you forget you’re learning invaluable life lessons told by an author who’s achieved great success in his life. 

Beverly Kidd, TV Personality