Achieving Your Most Amazing Future

Description: Outlier: An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.

Ingredients of Young Outliers serves as a surrogate mentor for teens and young adults to achieve their most amazing future. Become a standout in a sea of peers. Each chapter honors traits that contribute to a young person's success:
- The Ego: Good or Bad?
- Failure: Nothing to Fear
- Communication
- Composure: Keeping your Cool
- An Attitude of Gratitude
- The Positive Power of Peers
- The Mentor: Helping Others Realize Their Dreams
- A Life of Learning
- Enthusiasm: Reaching New Heights
- Perspective: Look Again!
- Integrity: An Inside Job
- The Power of Teamwork
- Intuition: Knowing Without Knowing Why

Ingredients of Young Outliers won best teen leadership book by Living Now Book Awards in 2014. This humorous, authentic, and inspirational guide shows how to be a student colleges request and employers seek to hire. 


Author/Inspirational Coach John Shufeldt comes to his subject of what makes a student stand out among his/her peers with hefty credentials: he received a BA form Drake University, his MD from University of Health Sciences/ The Chicago Medical School, completed an Emergency Medicine Residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center (adding Chief Resident to this resume), moved on to an MBA as well as a JD from Arizona State University, an dafter passing his bar exams he has served with the Federal District Court and Supreme Court of the United States. He practices both emergency medicine and law and has founded health and non-health care businesses. Impressive and mind-boggling. From this platform he writes his recipe for the success he has achieved in a manner that is conducive to teaching young student how to climb that same mountain.

To capture the manner in which Shufeldt builds self-confidence that is so much a part of his message means the reader must actually spend time with his book. No summary is adequate to explain the process. In defining what contributes to success he emphasizes the attributes of courage, hope, humility, respect, integrity, trust and love. He also encourages his young readers to align with wise mentors, fostering the concept of `internship’ with those in the field of like endeavor (or simply in the realm of sensitive successful thinking and sharing minds).

It is gratifying to find a young man who has accomplished so much who is still wiling to share his path and his struggles and successes. Well worth encouraging young people to heed his generous knowledge.

Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Contributor and Amazon Hall of Fame

Ingredients of Young Outliers empowers young people with the tools to create positive possibilities in every aspect of their lives. I highly recommend this book to all teachers, parents and school districts to use this book as an opportunity to create an “exhilarated learning” environment which is so critical to student success.

Barbara Duncan, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer at Edu-Prize School

My mom bought me this book as a graduation present and I really enjoyed the book. There are great stories that are inspirational and are easy for an inspiring young outlier to relate to.

Kris O.

A must read for everyone! No lecture or sermon just an easy read with success / life skills, real life stories and a bit of humor. The author cleverly presents the path to becoming an Outlier in a style that is well accepted especially by teens and young adults. Should be required reading by all middle school and high school students! 

Judith T. Shuman

Ingredients of Young Outliers, by John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA is filled with cornerstone virtues of courage, hope, humility, respect, integrity, trust and love. It shares the importance of how “mentors” can make a life changing difference in someone’s life. I am certain that everyone who reads these stories will hold their heads up a little higher, their smile will be a little brighter, their tears will be tears of joy and they will believe that they too have what it takes to be an outlier.

Mary Vallelonga, Founder and Instructor, Little Friends Montessori School