Physician Coaching

Physician Coaching

Are you ready to up your game and take the next step necessary to own your future?

John will help you evaluate where you are and where you aspire to be.

Physician coaching can be anything from learning new skills to managing stress/burnout or advancing your current career.

Now is the time to push the envelope to create your best life.

Types Of Physician Coaching


Personal Development

Are you ready to own your future and take the steps necessary to grow?

Define your visions and create actionable goals to propel your life forward with John.

Personal development can be anything from achieving better overall health, to refining your plans and developing new talents.

Take control of your future now, so you can start living your dream life today.

Physician Burnout

Are you losing your passion for medicine and struggling to stay in the game?

John will help you address the physical and emotional exhaustion that accompanies burnout. He will work with you to regain your excitement for medicine so that you can practice to your utmost ability. 

Physician burnout coaching is the key to rediscovering a renewed passion for medicine to help you better connect with your patients, your team and yourself.  

Reignite your passion for medicine and own your future.  

“Integrity is an inside job. When a person has integrity, he or she is believed to have an inner sense of ‘wholeness’ derived from consistency of action and character.

– John Shufeldt

What Makes John’s Coaching Unique

John’s multifaceted experience as a physician, attorney and entrepreneur gives him rare insight into what makes a physician-driven healthcare business succeed. 

Over the years, John has come to realize that successful businesses don’t just happen. They succeed as a result of strong leadership, learning from failures and a well-executed business plan. An efficient organization is built on lean practices, proactive teams, a positive work environment and a solid foundation for continued growth.

Whether you are a physician looking to expand your opportunities or a professional healthcare team needing to refine and scale your business, John has the experiences and tools to help take you and your organization to the next level.


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