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Being a lifelong learner is a key to your personal growth. John reads or listens to at least one book a month in order to keep his mind sharp and broaden his horizons on a multitude of subjects. Find a book that speaks to you.

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Listening to podcasts is now one of the most popular ways to consume content on the go. Some of John’s favorite podcasts delve into topics such as business, history, disruptive innovation, leadership and comic relief. Browse here for his top podcasts.

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Love to read? Gain valuable insights from John and his team on a vast number of topics such as business, leadership and health.

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Listen in weekly as John and guests explore various topics related to entrepreneurship to help you achieve your goals and personal vision so you can step outside your box.

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We all have our go-to products. Discover what John uses on a daily basis to help maintain a healthy lifestyle on a tight schedule.

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John is a passionate writer who has authored several books on self-leadership and entrepreneurship. He has also written two textbooks and is currently working on a men’s health book, The Real Man Plan.

“Consistent learning fuels a life of continual growth. Learning and growth don’t just happen in isolation inside a classroom. When you open your mind to this truth, the world becomes your classroom, and life itself becomes your ever-present, enduring teacher.”

– John Shufeldt 

What Makes John’s Coaching Unique

John’s multifaceted experience as a physician, attorney and entrepreneur gives him rare insight into what makes a physician-driven healthcare business succeed. 

Over the years, John has come to realize that successful businesses don’t just happen. They succeed as a result of strong leadership, learning from failures and a well-executed business plan. An efficient organization is built on lean practices, proactive teams, a positive work environment and a solid foundation for continued growth.

Whether you are a physician looking to expand your opportunities or a professional healthcare team needing to refine and scale your business, John has the experiences and tools to help take you and your organization to the next level.


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