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John Shufeldt, MD is a physician entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. He pioneered businesses in the urgent care and telemedicine spaces that revolutionized the way people receive their care. He is a practicing physician, author, speaker and healthcare consultant to tribal hospitals around the nation on lean practices and efficiency.

His speaking experience includes a TEDx talk, TV co-host roles and interviews, graduation keynote addresses, conference breakouts and panels, university course faculty roles, podcasts and more. His warm, charming and humorous delivery as well as his rare expertise in healthcare management make him a sought after and engaging speaker.

“When attempting to do the impossible, pick good people, prepare as best you can, and then be willing to adapt to unforeseen change. Dare to see the world through a different lens to live your best life.”

– John Shufeldt

Examples of Speaking Topics


Physician Leadership

Most physicians don’t have a business degree, let alone any experience with the administrative parts of running a profitable company. John is well-versed in how technology can support patient satisfaction to help businesses thrive. He is transparent in his past mistakes and provides critical practice health tips. 

Contract Negotiations For Physicians

Hospitals and medical practices are always competing for talented, low-risk physicians and battling turnover while maximizing profitability. John will guide healthcare business leaders in how to negotiate employment agreements and MCO contracts so your business can remain competitive in an everchanging healthcare landscape.

Physician Entrepreneurism: From Startup To Exit

If dreaming up business ideas over breakfast was an Olympic sport, John would win the Gold Medals in lean startup, efficiently running and strategically exiting healthcare businesses. Learn what’s missing from your future model, harness your current skill set and focus on efficiency to increase your chances of success.

How Not To Get Sued And What To Do If You Do

John has been a defense attorney and expert witness in malpractice trials and has even partnered with an insurance company to help physicians lower their malpractice risk. He has taught a health law clinic at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU, and coaches students and physicians on empathy and compassion to improve bedside manner. 

Disruptive Physicians

Sometimes the pressure of success derails physicians, sometimes there are personal problems, and in other cases, there are the dreaded terminable offenses that destroy a physician’s career. John partnered with a psychiatrist to develop screening and rehabilitation methods for physicians who become a behavioral liability to the hospital, patients and staff. 

Leading Metric-Driven Organizations

Managing or owning a business requires a bird’s eye view mindset when it comes to profit and losses, patient satisfaction, compliance and more. You can motivate your team to deliver measurable results — even in the healthcare setting. This can include the customer experience, following policies and protocols, timeliness of care and more.

Efficiency And Organizational Behavior

Have you ever wondered your business culture, poor habits or outdated protocols might be negatively impacting your organization? As a certified Six-Sigma consultant, John can speak to the importance of policies and procedures that emphasize productive workflow and promote not only employee satisfaction, but patient as well.

Preventing Physician Burnout

Doctors and healthcare providers are the best at taking care of others, but they don’t always follow their own advice. If they’re not careful, habits from medical school can become a lifestyle — and as we all know, the human body isn’t invincible. Mental and emotional burnout can occur, or even worse -chronic health problems can arise. 

HIPPA For Healthcare Professionals

Whether you’re a seasoned physician or newly minted healthcare worker, you can learn something new about how to protect your patients and organization from privacy breaches. John will help your team be up-to-date on HIPAA policies, best practices surrounding PHI and how to prevent staff errors that could cause you financial and legal issues. 

Speaker Kit

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What Makes John Unique

John’s multifaceted experience as a physician, attorney and entrepreneur gives him rare insight into what makes a physician-driven healthcare business succeed. 

Over the years, John has come to realize that successful businesses don’t just happen. They succeed as a result of strong leadership, learning from failures and a well-executed business plan. An efficient organization is built on lean practices, proactive teams, a positive work environment and a solid foundation for continued growth.

Whether you are a physician looking to expand your opportunities or a professional healthcare team needing to refine and scale your business, John has the experiences and tools to help take you and your organization to the next level.


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