Your Future Begins with You

Description: You've been primed for your dream career. You have the education, the technical savy, and the personal network. It's up to you to start living out your dreams. But where are you supposed to start?

This inspirational book identifies key leadership principles you can master for a successful career: humility, passion, integrity, lifelong learning, persistence, kindness, equanimity, risk taking, optimism and humor.

By living out these 10 principles, you will become a more effective, higher-achieving leader, employee, teammate, and professional. And you'll embody the necessary traits to leading the most important player in your life - you.


LeadershipYOU by Dr. Shufeldt was an incredible guide to becoming a successful leader. Not only did he give key traits that make up a successful leader, he expanded on each one with humor, anecdotes, and plenty of helpful tips. The numerous examples and quotes from the world’s successful leaders were empowering and encouraging. Throughout the book I was continually thinking of my past leadership experiences and how these new ideas will shape my future as a leader. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about how to reach their full potential in their career and leadership.

Hannah Warren

This is a wonderful book, full of great ideas you can use to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Brian Tracy, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and best-selling author

Dr. Shufeldt reminds us of the necessary qualities one needs to self-lead. Outlines at the end of each chapter were extremely helpful. I felt inspired and ready to take on my goals. Looking forward to Dr. Shufeldt’s next edition.

Pauline Facchini

Loved this book! It was easy to read, with great stories that really connected with me. I loved the way it was broken up into 10 chapters that focused on different areas of leadership. It made it really easy for me to focus on the areas that I needed the most help with. Great book!

Amazon Customer

This is probably my favorite book. I’ve actually had the privilege to meet Dr. Shufeldt, and let me tell you, the man changed my life. He’s my hero. I haven’t read any other book in this genre faster than I read this one, and these principles you’ll read about in this book can transform any person’s life. He truly teaches you how to be an outlier in life. Even 2 years after first reading it, I still read this book on a consistent basis, as well his TedTalk.

Malique Washington