Entrepreneur Rx


The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business


Learn from John Shufeldt, MD, the leading expert in medical entrepreneurship.

Being a physician is challenging. So is starting your own business. In Entrepreneur Rx, physician and serial entrepreneur, Dr. John Shufeldt, shares time tested insights and knowledge for building a thriving startup while maintaining your practice. From identifying winning business ideas to raising necessary capital, John offers a comprehensive insider’s view into strategies that have helped him develop and nurture a number of successful businesses (including two valued at more than $100 million.)

Just as important, John doesn’t pull any punches. He doesn’t soft pedal the obstacles that can bring down even the best business ideas. He’s candid about the mistakes and missteps he’s made himself. But, in sharing both his successes and failures, he equips any budding physician/entrepreneur with a balanced, thorough understanding of what it takes to build a winner.

Read and use the concepts discussed in this book and start your own entrepreneurial journey with confidence and the necessary tools to create the business of your dreams! 

Entrepreneur Rx Praise

“Physicians often find the ideas of entrepreneurship and business development daunting and overwhelming as not within their realm of expertise. In doing so, they neglect their intellectual skills and work ethic honed over years of training and clinical practice.

Dr. Shufeldt merges his clinical and business acumen with an easily readable style to make this journey accessible to all. While this is his “I wish I had it years ago” book, the reader is the beneficiary of his successes (and failures!). I would encourage any physician interested in undertaking non-clinical endeavors to spend a few hours with Dr. Shufeldt—the time will be well worth the investment.”

—Sudhen B. Desai, MD, FSIR
Director, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Chief Editor, Interventional Radiology, CSurgeries.com
Scientific Advisory Board, American Society of Pharmacovigilance



Entrepreneur Rx Podcast

Successful physicians have many of the same skills they need to become a successful entrepreneur. However, they often simply lack business training.

Each week join John, one of the nation’s leading medical entrepreneurs, as he interviews other physicians who have successfully started their own businesses. In doing so, they have worked to secure their futures by creating alternative sources of income and opportunities.

If you’re ready to capitalize on your medical background and achieve your entrepreneurial vision this is the podcast for you. Check out Entrepreneur Rx with John Shufeldt from ForbesBooks.

“Without raising the bar or pushing the envelope, you’ll likely never fail at much and thus never get to really make lasting contributions.  Remember, it’s the ability to take risks, to have your ego bruised, to get up, dust yourself off and press on, which changes the world.”

— John Shufeldt, MD

Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

Entrepreneur Rx: The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business

entrepreneur rx, starting a successful business

“Entrepreneur Rx gave me the tools I needed to transition from being a practicing physician to now running a telehealth business doing over $1 million a year.”

— Katy F.

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Client Testimony

Dr. Shufeldt is a charismatic and dynamic leader who showed great respect for patients, employees and business partners alike. His dedication to the growth of the business was indicated by his seemingly boundless energy and attention to providing the highest quality of care. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

— Christine L.

John is an innovative leader, who is constantly focused on the strategic ipicture, while being very detail oriented. He is very collaborative, and I recommend him highly.

— Michael T.

John has the unique ability to identify a need in the healthcare industry and successfully formulate and execute a solution. In addition to being an excellent physician, John is an entrepreneur- always finding ways to meet the needs of the community. He is a true “Outlier” in every sense of the word.

— Karen T.