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New Episode: Dr. John Paul Tutela

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About this Episode

John’s guest this week is John Paul Tutela, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in New York City and New Jersey. John has been featured in the Daily Mail and Reader’s Digest after becoming the go-to plastic surgeon for the cast of The Jersey Shore. John talks about being part of three generations of doctors in the Tutela family, why he chose plastics, and how he leverages social media to improve his outreach.

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About the Podcast

Successful physicians have many of the same skills they need to become a successful entrepreneur. However, they often simply lack business training.

Each week join John, one of the nation’s leading medical entrepreneurs, as he interviews other physicians who have successfully started their own businesses. In doing so, they have worked to secure their futures by creating alternative sources of income and opportunities.

If you’re ready to capitalize on your medical background and achieve your entrepreneurial vision this is the podcast for you. Check out Entrepreneur Rx with John Shufeldt from ForbesBooks.


Meet the Host, John

John Shufeldt is an emergency physician by avocation and entrepreneur at heart. He is an author, serial student, pilot and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who has founded and operated several multi-million-dollar businesses.

Throughout all of his endeavors, John has maintained a relentless drive to help people rescript their future and reach their full potential.

John earned his Bachelor of Arts from Drake University and his MD from the University of Health Sciences and the Chicago Medical School. He then completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill, where he spent his final year as Chief Resident.

In 1993, when John noticed the ER was overcrowded with minor illnesses and injuries, he launched his first urgent care practice. The business saw explosive growth, expanding from one to 60 locations during his tenure.


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“Leadership is pursuit—pursuit of excellence, of elegance, of truth, of what’s next, of what if, of change, of value, of results, of relationships, of service, of knowledge, and of something bigger than themselves.”

— John Shufeldt, MD