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Physician Side Gigs: Ideas and Tips

There are many reasons why physician side gigs are on the rise, one reason being a need to settle student debt as soon as possible. With the average medical school debt hovering around $200,000, debt is difficult to pay off even when earning a high salary.  Research...

Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Dana Corriel, MD

Entrepreneur Rx Episode 1: Dana Corriel, MD, Founder, SoMeDocs John's first guest is physician turned entrepreneur, Dr. Dana Corriel. Dana is a board-certified internist and founder of SoMeDocs, a platform that connects physicians across the globe, providing...

What is copywriting?

Ever since businesses have needed good sales copy, copywriting has been a sought-after high-paying job that only a few could lay claim to.  However, the world has changed. There are millions of businesses now and they are all vying for paying clients and customers....


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“Without raising the bar or pushing the envelope, you’ll likely never fail at much and thus never get to really make lasting contributions.  Remember, it’s the ability to take risks, to have your ego bruised, to get up, dust yourself off and press on, which changes the world.”

— John Shufeldt, MD

Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

Entrepreneur Rx: The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business

entrepreneur rx, starting a successful business

“Entrepreneur Rx gave me the tools I needed to transition from being a practicing physician to now running a telehealth business doing over $1 million a year.”

— Katy F.

About John

One of the nation’s leading medical entrepreneurs, John Shufeldt is an emergency physician, author, serial student, pilot, and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who has founded and operated several multi-million-dollar businesses. Throughout his career, John has defined, redefined, and refined the delivery of care and is now dedicated to helping physicians transitioning into entrepreneurship do the same.