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Entrepreneur Rx: The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business

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“Entrepreneur RX gave me the tools I needed to transition from being a practicing physician to now running a telehealth business doing over $1 million a year.”

— Katy F.


“Doctors make lousy business people.” – Most inaccurate statement ever.

Doctors don’t make lousy entrepreneurs. In fact, the skills you possess as a successful physician are the same skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur; you simply lack the entrepreneurial training and the mindset shifts required to build a lucrative enterprise. Let’s fix that.

About John

One of the nation’s leading medical entrepreneurs, John Shufeldt is an emergency physician, author, serial student, pilot, and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who has founded and operated several multi-million-dollar businesses. Throughout his career, John has defined, redefined, and refined the delivery of care and is now dedicated to helping physicians transitioning into entrepreneurship do the same.


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Build Your Business Library

Transitioning from practicing medicine to owning a business can be challenging. These books can help.


Inspiration + Application

From keynotes to commencement speeches, John delivers talks aimed to inspire audiences in their business pursuits, while providing them with the tools and frameworks to put them into motion.

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