Step out of your comfort zone, take risks and conquer your fears. Risk taking has marked the upward mobility of mankind. Take a moment to reflect on where the human race would be if no one ever took a risk.

— John Shufeldt, MD


John Shufeldt, MD is the leading expert in medical entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re a practicing physician with an exciting idea for a new business, or you’re a hospital, health plan, or multi-specialty group executive looking to improve the quality or efficiency of your health care delivery model, Shufeldt Consulting can help. 

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Shufeldt Consulting specializes in lean six sigma techniques that will take you and your company to the next level.

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Perfect for: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Create Your Lean Business Plan

The number one reason startups fail is misreading market demand. The second is running out of funding. With a proven business plan in place, you can confidently launch your business.

Secure Your Financing

Cash is king in business. Getting the right financing to fund your idea and keep your business running is crucial. John will work with you to determine which funding method is most viable for your idea. 

Grow Your Customer/Patient Base

Most businesses develop a service or product, then find a customer base. Successful startups first develop a customer base then sell them a product or service offering. John will help you investigate the real needs of potential customers and develop your brand so you launch with customers who are ready and excited to buy. 



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Perfect for: Businesses in the 2-5 year range, Hospital/Practice Executives

Hone Your Leadership Skills

People don’t quit companies; they quit managers. As your organization scales, its success is dependent on having a highly-effective leadership team that can translate every part of your company’s vision into measurable results. 

Build Strong Company Culture

As your company grows and more team members are added, the culture that made your business successful can become vulnerable and key employees may leave. By creating systems to ensure your organization’s values are embraced and lived by every team member, you’ll retain top talent and top clients. 

Improve and Scale Your Processes 

Streamlining processes, eliminating redundancies and waste, and focusing on the right key performance indicators are key to scaling profitably. We will help infuse lean six sigma standards to create operational excellence.

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Exiting and Capital Raise

Perfect for: Mature businesses

Raise Capital

Raising additional capital for your business means clearly and realistically defining your company’s valuation and growth strategies. 

Develop an Exit Strategy

Developing an exit strategy to maximize your company’s valuation and ensure your team positively benefits can be tricky. John will help you develop your exit strategy while selecting which exit path (acquisition, merger, IPO) is best for you and your team. 


Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

Entrepreneur Rx: The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business

entrepreneur rx, starting a successful business

“Entrepreneur Rx gave me the tools I needed to transition from being a practicing physician to now running a telehealth business doing over $1 million a year.”

— Katy F.

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Client Testimony

Dr. Shufeldt is a charismatic and dynamic leader who showed great respect for patients, employees and business partners alike. His dedication to the growth of the business was indicated by his seemingly boundless energy and attention to providing the highest quality of care. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

— Christine L.

John is an innovative leader, who is constantly focused on the strategic ipicture, while being very detail oriented. He is very collaborative, and I recommend him highly.

— Michael T.

John has the unique ability to identify a need in the healthcare industry and successfully formulate and execute a solution. In addition to being an excellent physician, John is an entrepreneur- always finding ways to meet the needs of the community. He is a true “Outlier” in every sense of the word.

— Karen T.