A Recipe for Personal Achievement

Description: Outlier- An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.

This quintessential handbook exposes the x-factor in these extraordinary individuals we call “outliers”.

There is an abundance of humor and enlightenment in the 16-chapter, 169-page non-fiction book. Chapter topics include: humility, failure, persistence, preparation, communication, imperturbability, tolerating risk, kindness, learning, optimism, perspective, indefatigability, efficiency, integrity, intuition, being one-of-a-kind.

Readers will be inspired to push past their own personal obstacles to live out their greatest future possible. The book features stories of great outliers from the past, in addition to narratives of the accomplishments of everyday people. These is true and little-known tales demonstrate the power of the Ingredients of Outliers.

Practicing the 16 identified traits is sure to lead you on the journey to both innovate and mentor,  leaving your biggest positive impact on the world.