Achieving Your Most Amazing Future

Description: Outlier: An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.

Ingredients of Young Outliers serves as a surrogate mentor for teens and young adults to achieve their most amazing future. Become a standout in a sea of peers. Each chapter honors traits that contribute to a young person's success:
- The Ego: Good or Bad?
- Failure: Nothing to Fear
- Communication
- Composure: Keeping your Cool
- An Attitude of Gratitude
- The Positive Power of Peers
- The Mentor: Helping Others Realize Their Dreams
- A Life of Learning
- Enthusiasm: Reaching New Heights
- Perspective: Look Again!
- Integrity: An Inside Job
- The Power of Teamwork
- Intuition: Knowing Without Knowing Why

Ingredients of Young Outliers won best teen leadership book by Living Now Book Awards in 2014. This humorous, authentic, and inspirational guide shows how to be a student colleges request and employers seek to hire.