Description: You have a teacher’s heart, a passion for learning, and you’ve felt the calling to educate future generations of graduates and tomorrow’s leaders.

After years of observing your teachers’ talents, you might have a good idea of what kind of educator you’d like to be, but there is so much more to learn about impacting your students while thriving in your career.

Outliers in Education serves as a how-to guide for education majors and current teachers, designed to equip readers with classroom management tips, career advice, and act as a six segment mentorship session with seasoned elementary through college educators in various subjects.

In composing this teacher ’s guide, life-long student, physician, attorney, entrepreneur, speaker, and master’s level business and law instructor, Dr. John Shufeldt sought out educators who passed the rigorous qualifications he identified in his first book, Ingredients of Outliers. These six incredible academic professionals candidly shared their obstacles and ingredients for success in the enclosed chapters. From enhancing your teaching skills, to preparing for a career in school administration, you will complete this book having learned the most potent advice for becoming the best educator possible.

Each chapter contains three sections: Interviews, Action Guides, and Resources designed to equip and guide you. Whether you aspire to be a teacher, professor, or administrator, this collection of wisdom will expand your perspective and serve as a foundation for a vibrant career.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from educators of the highest caliber who want to pass on their life’s work and wisdom on to you!