Description: You’re highly competitive, dutifully meticulous, and you have a way with words. People have been telling you since you were young, “You should be a lawyer.” But what do you know beyond what you see on TV courtroom dramas? And how can you best prepare yourself for a successful career in law?

Dr. John Shufeldt, a seasoned physician, attorney, and entrepreneur, interviewed six diverse law professionals to provide answers to your biggest pre-law questions. These accomplished, passionate individuals provide need-to-know information for law students and new attorneys.

In this guide, you’ll gain priceless law school and career tips from: 
-Victoria Ames, J.D., a passionate advocate for people with special needs, partner in Artemis Law Firm, and Director of the Legal Services Program at Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.
- Paul Schiff Berman, J.D., a law professor at George Washington University and author of about sixty scholarly works, who’s a foremost theorist on law and globalization, and legal issues and online activity, with extensive experience in law school administration.
- Sarah Buel, J.D., a world renowned domestic violence activist, attorney, Harvard Law School graduate, and emeritus professor who has started numerous domestic violence clinics and narrated an Academy Award-winning documentary.
- David Medina, J.D., a Stanford University engineering graduate who decided to pursue intellectual property law at SDO College of law, clerked for a federal district law court and currently practices as an intellectual property attorney.
- Thomas Nathan, J.D., an award-winning attorney of 40 years who specializes in medical negligence and product liability litigation and has taught as well as authored numerous civil litigation articles.
- Bruce Tizes, M.D., J.D., who practiced as an emergency medicine physician while attending law school at Northwestern University, and has more recently been involved in investing and has served as an executive producer in a dozen films.

Reading about these outstanding individuals in Outliers in Law can better equip you for a rewarding future in law, and prepare you to make a real difference in your community, and in the lives of real people.