Venturing into the field of medicine means the typical barrage of questions for students and doctors in training. The sheer volume of choices ahead of you can be daunting, and prior to medical school, no one really prepares you for exactly what it means to become a doctor.

Dr. Shufeldt calls these chosen individuals: “Outliers,” defined as: “An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.”

By providing the most effective questions, and a line-up of “rock star” medical professionals, Dr. Shufeldt presents potential career pathways, tips, and resources to help students decide whether a career in medicine is right for them.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to get answers to the most valuable questions you could ask someone who has already achieved your dream career. Do not even begin the time-intensive and costly pursuit of becoming a doctor before sitting down with various professionals from the field. Don’t have a list of medical professionals on speed dial? Read Outliers in Medicine for advice from top doctors from various specialties and a pre-medical student just like you.