The Textbook of Urgent Care Management


A 6 x 9 paperback, formatted specifically for lightweight portability and ease of reference in a clinical setting. The book features 47 chapters and 625 pages of urgent care practice management information of the highest utility and relevancy:

• A quintessential guide to starting, operating and selling your urgent care clinic.

• The chapters are organized by activities integral to all facets of urgent care delivery.

• Use to further "diagnose" problems, create solutions and measure outcomes

• Includes "10 Key Points" per chapter, with highlights the most critical components to remember.

Topics include: Intro to Urgent Care Management, Business Plan, Site Selection, Building Your Center, Floor Plan, Business Formation / Entity Structuring, Selling an Urgent Care Company, Legal Impediments to Nonphysician Ownership, Insurance Requirements, Equipment Supply Vendor Selection, Accreditation; Pro Forma Financial Statements: Creating Income, Balance Sheet, Cash-Flow Forecasts; Financial Management: Internal Control, Performance Measurement, Evaluation; Physician Leadership; Human Resources Labor and Employment Issues; Staffing Mix, Provider Compensation, Hiring/ Managing Providers, Strategic Talent Management, Employment Contracts / Compensation, Electronic Health Records (EMR / EHR), Revenue Cycle Management /Partnership, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Crisis Communications Management, Branding, Metric-Driven Management, Implementation of Clinical Laboratory, EMTALA, Accountable Care Organizations, Imaging and Interpretation, Virtual Care, Health-Care Compliance Program, Audits by Managed-Care Organizations and Regulatory Agencies, Patient Safety, Occupational Medicine, Patient Satisfaction, Coding and Documentation, Additional Services, Integrative Medicine, Pediatric Care, Financing, and the Future of Urgent Care.

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Textbook or Urgent Care Medicine


The first and only comprehensive textbook in urgent care medicine covering all of the key core competencies in a focused, easily referenced format. Edited and authored by recognized leaders in urgent care education. Formatted to be used efficiently in everyday practice. Presented within the framework of a typical encounter. Covers pearls and pitfalls, from triage to disposition. Presented in a just-the-facts style. Focused on urgent care relevance and the unique challenges of the urgent care setting. Includes risk management and medicolegal pearls embedded and separately highlighted for quick reference at the point of care.