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How to Find the Right Medical Staff Who Cares

Your medical staff is incredibly valuable for your medical practice, drawing repeat business, and keeping operations running smoothly. But only if they are committed to the growth and vision of the business.

When you look to hire more administrative and medical staff as your small business expands, it can feel like you are searching for the impossible, because you want employees who are going to stick around and feel a personal connection to the business.

It’s relatively easy to vet someone for their professional qualifications, but how do you know you are hiring medical staff who will help your business grow or drive away customers and plunge operations? The following strategies will be a big help:

Share Your Vision Of Your Medical Practice

You can’t possibly know if someone is on board with your vision if they don’t know what they are signing up for. When you create job postings for your medical practice, offer information that not only details the duties and qualifications of the job itself, but that introduces your business, its mission, and its trajectory for future growth.

When you call candidates, take the time to discuss their career goals and how those might fit into your healthcare business.

If your medical staff can envision a clear future at your company that aligns with their own career goals, they are more likely to put in long hours when needed, share ideas for company growth, and serve as positive brand ambassadors for your business.

Share Your Excitement About Your Medical Practice

Excitement can be contagious, so don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm when it comes to your business. Show candidates and employees that you care about your company, your employees, and your patients and continue to showcase that attitude daily.

Involve yourself in operations and share ideas with your team. Having a spirit of participation and celebration sewn into your business can create a more enticing work environment where employees want to show up each day.

Consider New Employee Perks

Business owners often assume that higher salaries are the only route to attracting quality medical staff, but there are many other perks that can draw dedicated talent to your business.

Flexible schedules, relaxed dress codes, work-from-home opportunities, and extended vacation time are all benefits that make teammates more likely to stick around while putting in their best effort. You could even consider getting more creative with free fitness classes for employees, free snacks and lunches in the office, company-subsidized daycare, and other features that show employees you care about them as people, not just dispensable resources.

If employees feel they are recognized as individuals, they’ll feel a more personal connection to your business.

Be Transparent In How You Manage Your Medical Practice

Though you will want your business to look attractive to potential employees with plenty of perks and opportunities for growth, you will want to be transparent about what you can reasonably offer. At the end of the day, employees are more likely to respect a company that is honest about what can be expected there rather than overly-optimistic and unable to deliver on earlier promises.

If it’s truly the right fit, they may even choose your company over somewhere offering a higher salary, because career enjoyment is a top priority for many candidates these days.

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